Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Review Of "Planet Earth" On My HDTV

We just bought a Blue ray HD DVD player for our HDTV. After we got it hooked up, which took a while... I, for some reason or another just realized that I did not have any HD movies for me to watch on it. Well I already knew which one I wanted to see first and that was Planet Earth. So I got on the internet and purchased it from an online store.

The bad thing though is that I had to wait three days; however I did save myself around twenty dollars, so it was worth the wait. So it came with multiple disks with around three to four episodes of Planet Earth on each of the disks. If you did not know already each episode of Planet Earth is one hour long. So once I put in Planet Earth to view on our HDTV I went to the menu of the first disk for the first episode. As you can imagine it was quite amazing how well the picture looked.

All of the landscapes were full as can be in color and the animals looked as if they were flowing across the screen as they moved. I was impressed also on how well Planet Earth was filmed with a HDTV camera. Some of the animals they film in the movie looks as if they are right there next to them and the animals are not even being disturbed by them being around. It is truly the most amazing documentary of its type. One episode that really impressed me is the freshwater one.

In the beginning of it, it shows Angel falls... the highest water fall in the world. Then it starts to break off from there and shows the extraordinary animals that live in the freshwater environment. Another thing Planet Earth does is how well it shows the over view of the land. Some shots are taken in high Earth altitudes while others are from space showing the landscape and everything around it. The space shots are also one of my favorite things to look at.

Of course on our HDTV it looks as good as it possibly can but it gives you a feeling of how small the Earth really is but at the same time when it talks about some of the environments it feels that the world is very large. When you are watching Planet Earth you may get to an environment that they begin to talk about that just looks alien to you. Some of the things that are in the environment look as if it was not real and you can not even imagine about being in some of these places in real life.

One that really shows what I am talking about is the caves episode. Basically what it shows you is the underground world of Earth. How things form under the surface and the weird little creatures that inhabit the caves. It is truly something that will be hard for most people living on the planet Earth to believe once they have seen some of the amazing animals that live on it. This documentary is truly amazing especially if viewed on a HDTV!

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